4th Stimulus Check On The Way?

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Will there be stimulus checks?

Since the cost of groceries and gas has skyrocketed this year, many US people have to struggle to lead their lives as result of inflation.

Elder Americans are in severe need of assistance from the federal government in the form of a probable stimulus check due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

A restaurant owner in Denver started a Change.org petition requesting that Congress provide citizens with stimulus checks on a monthly basis. As of right now, the petition has amassed up to three million signatures.

Will There Be A Fourth Stimulus Check?

The description stated that their country was still gravely battling.

The genuine unemployment level for low-wage earners is thought to be above 20%, and most people are still struggling to pay off enormous bills from the previous year for items like utilities and rent.

“I’m pleading with Congress to assist the families with an initial payment of $2,000 for adults and $1,000 for children, as well as ongoing regular payments throughout the crisis.

Otherwise, people who have been laid off, given a furlough, are self-employed, or have their hours reduced would find it difficult to make ends meet. Senior Citizens League, an advocacy group, has been pressing the government to provide Social Security retirees with another $1,400 stimulus check.

According to Shannon Benton of the Senior Citizens League, they had received numerous emails from folks who are anxious about mending their lives.

“For many, the high COLA merely made their financial problems worse by causing their income to rise above program thresholds to be eligible for the Medicare savings and additional aid.”