5 Easy Tips to Lose Weight During a Lockdown

Easy Tips to Lose Weight During a Lockdown
Easy Tips to Lose Weight During a Lockdown

The global pandemic has made everyone stay indoors and for sure this period gives every chance to embrace a lot of unpleasant weight gain. This might remind you of the many times when you made resolutions to lose weight and have a new look. But every time it fails, the more you want to cut fat in your body and all the more it seems difficult. You might have done quite well for some time but along the way, you give up, and then it leads you to frustration and definitely no result for sure.

Don’t be discouraged! You can still start all over again. Consider lockdown as a breakthrough to retrieve your goal. To attain weight loss, you need to go through some phases that might not be very pleasurable to you but as the saying goes ‘no pain no gain’. Of course there are burning pills like PhenQ to help you lose weight, but you should make sure that you get an honest review about them before taking them. Anyways, we have some comfortable diet and lifestyle tips which might be convenient and easy for you to follow but know that it all depends on your commitment towards what you really want to get hold of.  Here are five simple and easy tips to lose weight during a lockdown,

Fruits and Veggies

You need to eat food that has high fiber and you will see that it is abundant in fruits and green veggies. When you plan a diet, you need to add fruits and vegetable intake. They contain rich nutrients and natural fat that is beneficial for your health. It enables you to consume more natural food and prevents you from eating food that consists of calories and which will certainly damage your pursuit of weight loss. Fruits and vegetables possess essential ingredients that are advantageous both for your physical and mental health. Consumption of fruits and veggies will help you fill your appetite and keep you away from being tempted to grab fatty, sugary, or processed food, so to say, it boosts your fullness. Intake of fruits and veggies is linked to lower body weight and so it is a great weight loss aid.

Physical Exercise

When you are striving to lose weight you need to bear in mind that food diet alone will not serve the best result. You need to bring in physical exercise in your routine and stay active while you are in quarantine because losing weight requires physical activity which burns calories. The more physical exercise you do the more your body uses your calories for strength and energy. To see a satisfying result, you need to inculcate physical activity engagement. It need not be on a daily basis as long as you maintain consistency. You can either opt for twice or thrice in a week for 10-15 minutes, to begin with. Then you’ll gradually learn to make it a habit of practicing every day. During this lockdown, your home can be your best fitness center where you can exercise anywhere you feel comfortable.

Drink enough Water

One of the important factors in losing weight is to drink plenty of water. Over some time, many studies have made close monitoring of obese and overweight people who drank a lot of water daily and instituted an observation that it helped in the reduction of calories. Drinking water deviates a person from eating more or any junk foods because it fills the appetite. Although it depends on the individual regarding the amount of water intake, health experts encourage 2-3 liters of water per day. A lot of people also expressed personal experiences that drinking water before any meal assists in consuming less food quantity. It is an attribute not only in losing weight but it fights other health issues too.

Use a Smaller Plate

This may sound insignificant while you are trying to lose weight in many ways but some studies have shown that using smaller plates play an important role in the quantity of the food that you eat. The size of your plate determines the amount of your food intake. According to experts, the bigger plate you use, the more you tend to fill the plate and ultimately it makes you eat more than what your body requires. Some disagree that smaller plate offers in losing weight but maintaining a food pattern of eating mini-meal frequently in a smaller plate provides appetite satisfaction and stabilizes your hunger level and keeps you filled.

Early Dinner

The benefit of eating dinner early is that it lowers blood sugar in the body as researchers suggest that eating late can cause high blood sugar which causes obesity and other illnesses like diabetes. When all the meals are done before dark it restrains hunger and enhances fat reduction in the body. The reason why many studies suggest dining early is that the timing has an effect on blood glucose and results in the function of burning fats. Wrapping up all the meals of the day early offers well-balanced digestion and reduces appetite. If you plan to lose weight then following the above concern will assure some changes.

All the above five steps are the simplest and easy-to-do method for anyone who is struggling to lose weight. When you start simple and easy, it can motivate you to undertake harder processes or else beginning with difficult steps can frustrate you and you can possibly give up soon. Take this lockdown period as your chance to fight against body weight. Start simple and easy and go far.

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