Next Stimulus Package on Monday: $1,200 Stimulus Check, Eviction Moratorium, and Reduced Unemployment Aid In CARES 2 Act

Post a few speculative weeks, the Senate has returned with the first signs of CARES-2 as called by the leader Mitch McConnell. The bill that is to be presented by him is expected to cost around $1 billion which is one-third of the cost that the Heroes Act was expected to be earlier.

Earlier in the negotiation procedures, there were differentiated opinions between the White House and the Senate Republicans over aspects like payroll tax and the second round of stimulus checks.

Both the parties had contrary opinions in such cases. However, a common ground is being expected by now.

On ABC’s “This Week”, Staff Mark Meadows White House Chief said that they would try to pass “unemployment insurance, a retention credit, liability shield, and additional funding for schools first and then negotiate on the rest of the bill “in the weeks to come.”

Each component would be presented by a senator who has been already named by McConnell. However, whether these parts would sum upto a single bill or would be individual bills, is still uncertain.

Chuck Grassley, the Finance committee chairman is responsible to spearhead the areas of the bill that deal with jobs and economy.

The stimulus check in the bill is confirmed to be matching with the previous, first Cares Act by Steven Mnuchin.

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