Section of Donald Trump’s ‘indestructible’ border wall COLLAPSES as Tropical Storm Hanna lashes south Texas

Tropical Storm Hanna has apparently destroyed parts of Donald Trump’s wall separating the USA and Mexico. The video of the storm smashing the wall went viral in a matter of minutes and led to much ridicule of Trump’s ill-thought of decision. The video posted on Twitter highlighted the faces of the construction workers who simply stood by and watched as the storm ripped out solid structures from the ground.

Many critics on Twitter equated the falling of the wall with the re-election campaign of Trump- one that seems to be destined to fail. The POTUS has already spent close to $11 billion on the wall with the estimated budget fixed at $21.6 billion.

This comes weeks after Trump boasted about his wall being the most well-structured, and comprehensive of all border wall securities in the world. Yet, some of his admirers were quite reluctant in believing the video and questioned its veracity.

‘Unclear where it was filmed, but based on desert terrain, daytime recording and style of bollards, I’m guessing these are images of a monsoon out west, prob Arizona,’ Nick Miroff from Washington Post wrote.