5 Fresh Rumors About Video Games: ‘Elder Scrolls 6’ And Others

Elder Scrolls 6
Elder Scrolls 6

The global network is large enough to arouse crazy interest from the fandom because the video game industry is full of game rumors. Companies are just waiting for the right time to announce new games and updates in the hope of creating the biggest surge in the gaming era, which is relevant in our time.

Fans want to know all the latest news as soon as possible, game rumors must be leaked to the global network. In this post, we will find out  the 5 most interesting game rumors, so welcome to the world of video games!

1. When will The Elder Scrolls 6 come out?

We could assume that the developers from Bethesda were working on the next part of the Elder Scrolls, for the last ten years they had been releasing games in fantasy worlds, like in Skyrim or post-apocalyptic wastelands, like in Fallout. But, according to knowledgeable people, Bethesda released two completely new games. In a conversation with IGN, one of the developers, Pete Hines, said: “The company has two major projects that they plan to implement before embarking on Elder Scrolls 6.

2. Does Rare work on two new games at the same time?

According to The Inner Circle Podcast, Microsoft ‘s Rare Studio is working on “two special games” in addition to the Sea of Thieves. Is this rumor true one can only guess. Rare is working on two games that can surprise fans who have grown up with classic games like Battletoads, Banjo-Kazooie, and GoldenEye 007.

In recent years, the company released the Viva Pinata game, which many liked, but less popular than previous developers. Check out the related video above to make sure the Sea of Thieves is a great game. So if Rare decides to return the old classic series of games, it could well turn out for the company.

3. Will Nintendo NX games be released on cartridges?

You may have noticed that games for all modern systems go on disks, including games from Nintendo. If this rumor is true, then the next game from the company may use cartridges instead of the usual disks for us.

NeoGAF found the key in the US Nintendo trademark documentation for the upcoming fantastic game Zelda Legends: Breath of the Wild. This suggests that the game will appear on cassettes, as well as discs. Since it fits Wii U and NX, and Wii U uses drives, it may mean that the games from NX will come out on cartridges. Game Rumor has it that the NX will have a kind of hybrid device that allows you to play both on TV and the go.

Since the cartridges do not require an optical drive, they do not have parts that could break when you drop them in your bag. This is why almost all portable video games use cartridges in the device.

4. Will the Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 be released soon?

Would you not expect Pac-Man to be part of the surge in the modern gaming era? The original Pac-Man Championship Edition was released in 2010. If this rumor is true, then perhaps we will see a sequel!

A Twitter user found a list of well-known platforms that will support games on a Korean site. The list includes Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. If this is true, then the news will appeal to those who like updates to classic old games.

5. Even more news about the new game Katamari Damashi

Back in April, we learned about a new game from the Katamari Damashi series, thanks to European trademark applications for Amazing Katamari Damacy. Gematsu reports that the developer Bundai is hinting that the new game is on the way. At the same time, the developer remains quite secretive.

The original Katamari Damashi is interesting, but at the same time very strange. Many items are scattered throughout the game world, you start the game with a small ball collecting items such as paper clips and erasers. In the end, the ball becomes huge, which allows you to roll up houses, cars and cruise ships. It can be assumed that if the game comes out, it will interest many.