The Last Of Us Reveals Its First Look

The Last Of Us
The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us has revealed the initial look of the series recently. The series has its plot from the famous game from Playstation. The game also has the same title as the series. This was a much-anticipated series. The Last Of Us has been hyped up ever since it was being developed. Its new season promises to deliver some mind-blowing episodes. A lot of plot twists and interesting events are being speculated. The lead character will be executed by the renowned Pedro Pascal. Let us learn more about the series below. 

The Last Of Us Premieres On HBO

The world has been fighting a deadly pandemic for the last few years. However, thanks to medical advancements, we have managed to somewhat get out of the disaster. The plot of the new series also centers around a deadly scenario. Unfortunately, the civilization in the series could not stand the extremities and perished. A killer fungus is held responsible for wiping out the entire city. The plot beings exactly twenty years after the catastrophic event. 

Joel is portrayed as one of the survivors. He has been vested with the responsibility of bailing out Ellie. She has been trapped in a quarantine center that had a hostile environment. The character of Ellie has been played by Bella Ramsey. Ramsey is well known for her gig in “Game Of Thrones”. The job for Joel looks very much simple initially. However, gradually the plot intensifies. 

The Last Of Us has dropped some images from the show this Sunday. The first look was revealed by Naughty Dog. He is the developer of the game and the series producer as well. The director seemed to be very happy with the casting. Ramsey & Pascal do absolute justice to the characters of Ellie & Joel. The series is still in the development phase. No official word about its release has been confirmed. 


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