6 January Committee Kilzinger Nomination Draws Huge Republican Backlash

JD Vance
JD Vance

6 January Committee members were criticized heavily by the Republicans. The Capitol Riot investigation scenario seems to get intense day by day. The tension has risen so much that punishment has been requested for two members. Riz Cheney & Adam Kinzinger were the persons in the firing line. They were demanded to be penalized. More details are given below.

6 January Committee Members Cheney & Kinzinger Faces Heat

Nancy Pelosi offered important positions to Cheney & Kinzinger on the 6 January Committee. This move seems to have offended many. Petitions have been filed against both of them for agreeing to the position offered. The leader of the minority house, Kevin McCarthy has been asked to penalize them. 

Both of them joining Pelosi was not welcomed. The right-oriented Freedom party was coming up with the most opposition. However, reports suggest that the discontent has spread a lot recently.  Members of the GOP criticized the move heavily. They stated that the idea of joining hands with Pelosi meant demeaning GOP. They further clarified that Pelosi was trying to reject McCarthy’s grounds. Anyone supporting Pelosi was an insult to McCarthy and the GOP. 

Nancy Pelosi recently ruled out several members chosen by McCarthy. She ousted Jim Banks and Jim Jordan of Indiana & Ohio respectively. McCarthy took back all his members as a sign of protest. 

Scott Perry is a member of the Caucus of Freedom. She requested to arrange for a special meeting. She asked the leader to punish both Cheney and Kinzinger. She wanted McCarthy to remove them from all the other committees. However, no official response to Perry’s petition has yet been recorded. 

Removing Cheney & Kinzinger would not be an easy task. Pelosi is at the helm of membership issues. She can simply appoint both of them once again to their assigned positions. 6 January Committee continues to face heat. Rifts are getting wider with each passing day. It now remains to be seen, which way things go. 

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