Nancy Pelosi Will Add Rep. Adam Kinzinger To Strengthen Bipartisan Standing

nancy pelosi
nancy pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, has been looking at different ways that would help beef up the bipartisan credibility for the investigation of Capitol Riots. This issue has taken priority after most of the GOP decided to walk out of the select committee elected on the 6th of January.

As new seats have been provided to the panel, Pelosi has been considering introducing GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger into the fold. An inside source from House Democrat has stated that there has been much ongoing discussion about the representative from Illinois and how he would be able to help the process. 

Nancy Pelosi Believes Involving Republicans In The Select Committee Would Be A Wise Move

Nancy Pelosi has also been looking to hire another Republican who would be an outside adviser or a staffer to the committee. It has been reported that Former Rep. Denver Riggleman- a representative from Virginia, as well as a former Intelligence officer who had always been a major critic of Ex-President Donald Trump, was seen walking into the office of the speaker on Thursday.

When she was directly asked about this, Pelosi simply stated that they would be looking into the matter- and the media will simply have to wait and see if they were potentially appointing a Republican candidate to the committee. 

Rep. Adam Kinzinger did have some major references behind him. Rep. Bennie Thompson, the acting chairman of the select committee, has stated that the situation with Kinzinger had already been discussed with Pelosi- and the addition of the Republican candidate from Illinois would really be quite welcome.

If the ball gets rolled, then Rep. Kinzinger would be just the second Republican after Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming to be a part of the select committee. As it has already been reported, Kinzinger was quite a vocal critic of Donald Trump- as well as one of the house Republicans who voted for his second impeachment. 

Such a requirement and the availability of seats came after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy went ahead and pulled out 5 members of the GOP from the panel- which came after Nancy Pelosi decided to reject two choices of McCarthy- Rep. Jim Banks and Rep. Jim Jordan.