Deshaun Watson Gets A PR Win Delivered By NFL In His Litigation Of Sexual Misconduct

deshaun watson
Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson, along with the Houston Texans waited for months to have the involvement of the NFL. The wait for the NFL’s intervention went on for months witnessing the calendar change between months.

It was on Sunday when quarterback Deshaun Watson finally had some clarity. After a silent operation during a complete offseason and making no statements throughout, the NFL finally issued a statement in the present week, by not making any statements.

Although the investigation against Deshaun Watson was on since March, the office of the league chose to keep Watson out of the exempt list of the commissioner before the training camp began. This was a major win for the athlete since the lawyer representing the women plaintiff was critical about the interviews. The lawyer, Tony Buzbee, even claimed that the NFL was not respectful to the victims. These claims against Lisa Friel, the investigator for NFL, prompted the organization to defend the investigator.

Deshaun Watson Not In Exempt List. What Does It Mean?

Deshaun Watson not being a part of the exempt list means that NFL has conducted its procedures till now and still has not found anything concrete based on which the athlete can be forced to take up paid leave. However, this does not mean Deshaun Watson shall never be put to the bench by the league. This scenario, gives the quarterback a major boost of public relations, because the investigation conducted by Houston PD, also has not been able to produce any criminal charges that are tied to the ongoing civil lawsuits.

This is a clear indication that the player would have a future in professional football for now. According to sources in the Texan team, Watson is supposed to attend the camp timely. This would further result in avoiding the fines amounting to $50,000 that might have been levied by Houston against Deshaun Watson. Ultimately, receiving no news from the NFL is a positive aspect for Watson.