More Than 600,000 Are Still Waiting For Their Stimulus Checks

stimulus check
stimulus check

Even as multiple states in the US mull over the proposal of a gas stimulus check, there are still many people who haven’t received their 3rd stimulus check announced a year ago. The treasury department has revealed that over 600,000 citizens were still waiting for their 3rd stimulus payment when the stock was taken last fall.

The third stimulus check was approved by the Biden administration in March 2021. The Economic Impact Payment under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. Around 99.5% of people received the relief check, or around 167M.

However, the number of people who remain in wait for the third stimulus check is considerable, with 644,705 being the number released by the treasury department.

The Majority Of People Waiting For Their 3rd Stimulus Check Are Dependents

The total amount in these relief payments comes to $1.6B. the majority of people comprising this list are eligible dependents.

Some individuals have their TIN and who failed to receive the relief check even though the dependent had a SS number. There are also individuals who are eligible according to the unemployment income separated from their taxable one.

The agency has also noted that around 294,000 relief checks have been issued but were not accessed or have been delayed in transit.

The authorities have no figure for the number of people who have received their relief check after the list was released in mid-September.

There is also the issue of stimulus checks reaching the wrong people. Around 1.2M payments did not reach the people for whom they were intended. The total amount erroneously credited comes to $1.9B.

These checks likely ended up going to dependents who were not eligible for a stimulus check, non-residents, and also duplicate payments t families who changed their tax-file status.

Even as citizens wait for the federal stimulus check, three Democratic Representatives have submitted the Gas Rebate Act, 2022 for citizens affected by the steep rise in inflation. Gas prices have been hit the hardest, with prices touching $6 to the gallon in some states.

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