Stimulus Check Could Come In From Both State And Federal Administrations

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Americans shave their backs to the wall as inflationary pressure is felt across every level of society. Be it the grocery store or the gas station, people are being forced to shell out more with each passing day, and it has reached a stage when people are finding it difficult to cope with the surge in prices. And finally, it appears that both the state and federal administrations could step in with a stimulus check to lessen the pressure.

The earlier COVID-19 pandemic relief stimulus check had a high value and was sent across the board. But these inflation-linked stimulus checks are expected to be of a lesser amount and more finely targeted for specific sections of society.

It is not that the administration has become stingy. This decision stems from the fact that the administration doesn’t want to contribute to inflation by doling out fat stimulus checks. Instead, it intends to give the payment only to those people who will be affected the most.

Andrew Patterson, a senior economist, says that the citizens most impacted could be helped through plans that focus on specific groups and sectors. The criteria should be individual or family income. Keeping it clinical will both help the affected sector and also not put additional pressure on prices. Otherwise, it could turn into a vicious circle of rising prices as sending out doles adds to inflation.

A Proposed Gas Stimulus Check Worth $100

The Gas Rebate Act, 2022 was introduced by Democratic Representatives Mike Thompson, Lauren Underwood, and John Larson. Under the proposed bill, people would get every rebate relief check worth $100 every month, plus another $100 for dependents.

The proposed payment eligibility could be structured as per previous stimulus checks. 5 states have already approved legislation for a stimulus check to counter inflation.

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