Andy Murray Leads 2-1 Against Stefanos Tsitsipas At Wimbledon

Andy Murray

British professional tennis player Andy Murray has taken a 2-1 lead on Greek tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas at the 2023 tournament at Wimbledon. However, after Andy Murray took the lead, the match was suspended, due to a curfew by a local council. The game is scheduled to be completed as the second match on July 7, at the Court Centre.

With the curfew by the Merton Council, Andy Murray now has the advantage over Tsitsipas at the game. The July 6 match in which Murray and Tsitsipas played vehemently against each other, had ended 21 minutes before the time limit due to the Merton Council curfew, otherwise, the match would end at 11 p.m. of the local time.

The time limit for the games at the two major courts in Wimbledon is a result of the agreement between residents, the All England Club and the local council when in 2009, the roof on the Centre Court was put up. There was much development at the July 6 games, as Murray had fallen down on the court in pain in the third set, only to recover and take a serve, taking a 2-1 lead against Tsitsipas.

Tsitsipas Gave Tough Competition To Andy Murray

On July 6’s match at Wimbledon, Andy Murray before securing a 2-1 lead, faced a fierce competition from the No.5 tennis player in the world Stefanos Tsitsipas. Tsitsipas had performed brilliantly in the first two sets. However, Andy Murray did overcome the aggressive strategy of Tsitsipas and took a definitive lead at the end of the match. Had the match continued, for the 21 minutes it did not gate, the results might have certainly been different.

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