9/11 Document Released For The First Time Under Biden’s Administration

9/11 Document
9/11 Document

The FBI launched a set of 9/11 documents with regard to the investigation that was carried out following the terrorist attacks in the United States of America. The release took place on the 11th of September, commemorating the anniversary of the unfortunate incident that took away several lives of the innocent. This is the first time such a document has been released. The document shows that the government of Sudi was suspected of providing support to the hijackers. The 9/11 document was released following the executive order that was given by Joe Biden, the President of the country.  

9/11 Document Details

The 9/11 document is from the year 2016. It provides some internal information about the workings of the FBI. It shows how the FBI worked to find out if the official from the Saudi consular as well as one of the suspected members from the Saudi intelligence had any role to play in the attack.

If the attackers were provided with any sort of logistical information by the suspected. The Saudi intelligence member was based in Los Angeles. In the year 2001, two planes were hijacked by two men on the 11th of September. The said 9/11 documents commemorate the 20th anniversary of the unfortunate incident that affected geopolitics forever.

The document reveals how the FBI conducted the investigation on Omar al-Bayoumi, the prime suspect of the FBI. There was a student from Saudi who was based in Los Angeles. However, he was suspected of being an agent of Saudi intelligence. The document states that he was seriously involved in the attack. He had a very important role to play in the attack. He also provided the basic amenities to the hijackers like travel assistance, financing, and lodging.