Jan 6 Insurrection’s Investigation Details


The Capitol Police of the United States of America made an announcement on some disciplinary actions with regard to the behavior of officers that took place on the Jan 6 insurrection. There are a total of six cases that have been made against the officers. This came out after an internal investigation was carried out after the violent revolt that broke out in the Capitol building. 

Jan 6 Insurrection- 6 Disciplinary Cases

There are a total of three cases relating to inappropriate behavior that was shown during the time of the Jan 6 insurrection. They include failure of compliance with regard to the directives, inappropriate remarks, and inappropriate dissemination of strategic information. This was stated in the statement that was given by the USCP.

It was given on the 11th of September that fell on a Saturday. However, the announcement did not give detailed information on the matter. No names of the officers were given out. It was also not stated if one single officer was involved in all the six cases or if it was different officers concerning the Jan 6 insurrection. 

As per the statement that was released, it was stated that the cases that were currently going on, should in no way, become the basis of the judgment of the efforts of the rest of the officers of the Capitol Police of the country, who acted heroically on that day.

It was also stated that the kind of courage and bravery that was reflected on the Jan 6 insurrection by the employees was immensely inspiring. A total of 38 investigations were carried out by the Professional Responsibility office of the USCP. out of those, 20 cases came out to be clean. However, some officers were found to be connected in 26 cases.     

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