9 Reasons Group Learning Works

The Importance Of Destination And Journey Groups

My early writing for Curious Lion was terrible. I used to be a decent writer, back when I wrote about things that interested me. But I couldn’t find my voice writing about online training. Every other week I’d get a piece of content out that was as dry as the paper it was written on. As functional as the keyboard it was typed on.

One day I came across an online writing course called Write of Passage. It promised to show me how to write online, grow an audience, and establish a personal monopoly. I signed up as an early adopter. Thanks to the course, I started to write about things that interested me again. Only this time, they overlapped with my work. My personal monopoly was becoming clearer. I felt I had it!

But I didn’t. Yet.

I took the course for the first time in August 2019, but I skipped out on a part of the experience. I’ll probably tell you I was too busy at the time, but the truth is I felt like I didn’t belong there. I was intimidated by the success of others. Turns out it was the most important part. Taking the course again in July 2020, and applying to be an alumni mentor, is when I realized what it was. Write of Passage isn’t an online course in the way I’d…

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