Fishing Tips for Beginners: 10 Strategies to Help You Catch More Fish

Fishing Tips for Beginners
Fishing Tips for Beginners

Fishing Tips for Beginners: 10 Strategies to Help You Catch More Fish

When you are first learning how to fish, the whole process can be overwhelming.

What do you need to get started? What rod and reel should you buy? How long should your line be? Will a certain type of bait work better in one place over another? How do you tie knots?


It’s no surprise then that many beginners quit after just a couple of fishing trips. But it’s not because they don’t like to fish, it’s that they don’t know much about it yet. This article aims to be the ultimate guide to beginners so they can gain knowledge and confidence that will lead them to catch more fish.

Rods and reels

Probably the most important piece of equipment to get started with is your rod and reel. When buying your first fishing rod and reel, there are a few things to consider:

  • Stick with an entry-level package that includes the pole, line, and a few lures. This way, you will have everything you need right away; plus, it makes sense to buy in bulk when starting.


Set The Hook At The Right Time

Fishing is all about consistency. Whether you’re fishing for bass in a river or trout in a stream, you have to set the hook at the right time, or you’ll lose the fish. Unfortunately, I see too many anglers set the hook too early or too late, and it costs them valuable bites.

The key to setting the hook at the right time is to wait until the fish swallows the bait. If you set the hook too early, you’ll pull the bait out of the fish’s mouth. The fish will spit out the bait if you set the hook too late. By setting the hook at the right time, you’ll increase your chances of catching more fish.

When Angling For Bass, Don’t Overlook The Topwater Lure

Many anglers consider bass fishing to be a finesse sport. This means you use light tackle and lures to imitate the natural movements of baitfish. In most cases, this approach works well and catches lots of bass. However, there are times when the bass refuses to bite on anything else, and the topwater lure is your best choice.

Topwater lures are those that you work across the surface of the water. The lure creates a lot of noise and commotion, which often attracts bass from a distance. There are many different topwater lures, including poppers, chuggers, and prop baits.

When fishing for bass with a topwater lure, it’s important to use the right rod and reel. A 6-8 weight rod is ideal, as it has enough power to cast the lure a good distance. The reel should have a good drag system so you can stop the fish from running.

Learn To Read The Water

As a sports fisherman, it is important to read the water so you can better understand the environment you are fishing in. This will help you capitalize on the fish’s movements and habits, increasing your chances of catching one.

There are three main ways to learn to read the water: observing the water’s surface, understanding how water flow works and taking note of watercolor. By paying attention to these factors, you can formulate a better plan for where to fish and what type of bait to use.

Join a Fishing Club

To find a local fishing club or meetup group where you can meet people and learn from each other. I’ve lived in many different parts of the U.S., and it always astonished me how friendly and helpful the fishing community was.

  • Join a fishing tournament through the local Bass Anglers team (B.A.S.S.) or another organization. My dad won a few fishing tournaments in his day, and it was often the difference between paying rent and eating out at restaurants with money or not. A lot of times, if you win, you can win some pretty cool prizes as well.

Use Natural Light

The best way to get the most out of your day is to use natural light. The sun provides more than enough light for fishing – and it’s free! Best of all, the sun rises early and sets late. I’ve had my best days of fishing at first light and dusk. These are times when few other anglers are on the water, providing less boat traffic, clearer water and better opportunities to spot spooky fish.

Fish at Points with Many Fish

While its common knowledge that lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and seas hold fish, specific areas have them in plenty. Some fish species swim close to the shore and move in large numbers. On the other hand, there are fish that thrive in deep waters. Therefore, you need to know the fishing species found in certain waters for a successful fishing expedition. Such information can be found from fish retailers, online fishing reports, river and lake reports, and vital information from fishing enthusiasts.

Use Wood Baits

Fish are always looking for an easy meal. So, what better meal than a wounded fish? One of the lures that have been created is the floating Rapala which is created from natural balsa wood. Once emersed in water, it creates the motion of a wounded fish. So, bigger fish will move in its direction and be caught.

What is more, this method has been proven to catch more fish than any other fishing lure. You can, however, use other baits such as worms, pieces of fish, crickets, and eels. Its advisable that you are aware of the fishing regulations in place.

 Ensure Your fishing Line is Perfect

Your fishing line is your gateway to catching your preferred fish. You have to ensure that your fishing line is in perfect condition at all times. Constantly check your line for signs of abrasion, nicks, or if its loose. It will serve you better if you can replace it after a year. You need to take care of your fishing line in the following ways

  • Do not store under the light as it breaks down the fishing line
  • Do Not hook lures to the reel since they scratch the reel.
  • Do not overlap lines
  • Retie your lure after every fishing attempt to check for nicks and avoid breaking off.
  • Do not set the drag tightly.
  • Check the line once you finish fishing.

Enjoy Catching Fish

To catch more fish, you need to love fishing and enjoy your expedition genuinely. It does not matter whether it is salt water or fresh water fishing, fishing for sport, or financial gain; you need to have a keen interest in fishing. Even if you catch an unpopular species that is not loved by people, its always a fun activity; as you enjoy fishing and do it repeatedly, you will eventually master the craft and move to catch more fish. What is more, you can explore other approved methods of fishing that work best according to different fishing grounds.



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