New Zealand To Close Shop Over One Covid Case

New Zealand
New Zealand

The island nation of New Zealand has decided to announce an impromptu lockdown after a single case of Covid surfaced for the first time in six months. This case was first detected in Auckland, which is definitely going to be in a complete state of lockdown for a whole week.

The rest of the country will be in a state of lockdown for around three days. Several authorities have stated that they are currently working on the idea that the newest case has been the result of the Delta variant. Quite horrifyingly, only 20% of the entire population has been fully vaccinated by now. 

New Zealand Taking No Chances With One Covid Case

The infected person had visited the coastal town of Coromandel- which will also be in a state of lockdown. The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern has stated that the toughest level 4 rules will be followed- schools, offices, and most businesses will be closed with only essential services remaining operational during the lockdown.

Further, she has decided to placate the entirety of the country that the administration had already planned for this eventuality- and the only way to go through is by going hard and early at the lone case. 

The said patient is a 58-year-old man who has been infected since the previous week. Currently, there are around 23 different potential sites for transmission. Since the authorities had thought about a snap lockdown, most of the locals in and around Auckland, New Zealand crowded around the supermarkets before the lockdown was announced.

The officials involved have made it very clear that there is an imminent need for a far stronger response due to the fear that is associated with the Delta variant. Also, there is currently no direct link between the new case and the quarantine facilities. 

The Ministry of Health for New Zealand released data on Monday that showed that most of the Covid cases detected at the border were Delta variants.