A Helping Hand When it Comes to Your Personal Injury Claim 

Personal Injury Claim
Personal Injury Claim

Following an accident or incident that was not your fault, obtaining the right advice at the right time is essential, especially if you or a loved one is injured; you can click here for more information.  And, while you are not legally required to use a personal injury lawyer to handle your Personal Injury Claim, the expertise of a legal specialist greatly increases your chance of a successful outcome. 

Here’s why the right personal injury lawyer is an essential helping hand when it comes to your Personal Injury Claim: 

They can help to make it a less stressful experience  

The aftermath of an accident is traumatic for everyone involved, but if you have been injured and it is not your fault, it can be overwhelming. Dealing with insurers, the authorities, the medical profession, as well as the impact on your home and work life can make getting over the initial trauma and focusing on getting well incredibly stressful. Engaging with the right personal injury lawyer as soon as you can help to take a lot of this strain off your shoulders. 

They can ensure you get the right medical treatment  

Bringing a Personal Injury Lawyer on to your case as soon as possible after the incident means they can work to ensure are getting the best medical treatment, for your immediate injuries and during your rehabilitation as well as aftercare. 

They can advocate on your behalf  

With effective legal representation, you can share the burden of dealing with the third parties associated with any accident or incident, including insurance companies. Insurance companies will want to settle for the lowest amount possible and get the case closed; your Personal Injury Lawyer will work to understand your case and more accurately assess what you may be entitled to. With a Personal Injury Lawyer on your side, you can push for a settlement that’s more favourable – whether that is in or out of a civil court 

They know all the pitfalls 

The legal world of compensation and litigation can be a minefield to the uninitiated, which a Personal Injury Lawyer can skillfully steer you through. From knowing the time limits on filing a lawsuit and calculating the true worth of your compensation claim to possessing the specialist experience to take your case to trial if need be, your attorney has your best interests at heart, every step of the way.  

They will never ask for money upfront – most personal injury lawyers will never ask you for money upfront before they take on your case. This means you engage them on a ‘no win; no fee’ basis, with you, only paying their fee (typically an agreed percentage of your compensation payout) if you win your case.  

Need a helping hand searching for a personal injury lawyer? Then personal injury and medical referral specialists, Injury 1800 can help to take away the worry of finding the right legal representation for your case.  

With an extensive network of personal injury law experts at their fingertips, the Injury 1800 team can put you in touch with the very best personal injury attorneys in your area, and help you take that vital first step to get the care, support and compensation you deserve.  


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