Moving Your Employees with Their Well-Being in Mind


Relocating your team to a new office is an exciting prospect. Being in a new environment, your employees have plenty of ground to explore and bring a new perspective to their work-life balance.

However, most often than not the logistics of moving can be a highly stressful time, especially if your employees have to consider the interests of their families. It’s crucial that as a leader you’re receptive to how your employees are faring and find ways to address their concerns.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what you can do to ease the relocation process while keeping your employees happy.

Consider Personal Factors

Perspective is important. Your plan to move is for the benefit of your business, but your employees have their own lives outside those work hours. If they have children, they will need to look for good schools in the new area. If their spouse works, they’ll need to think about finding a new job or even consider early retirement.

With all that in mind, what about the mortgage?

If you don’t have a dedicated HR team to help deal with these issues, relocation services such as can reduce this burden as they have a comprehensive network of vendors that can assist with these issues.

These circulating questions will stress your employees. If not managed well, you can see a sharp drop in your team’s productivity and you may need to delay the move altogether.

Prioritize Physical Wellness

As a leader, encourage your employees to exercise more. Allow them to take 10-20 minutes a day to do some basic exercises and stretches. Exercising is a great way for them to keep their mind off stress and release tension. Once they have that blood flowing again, you’ll notice that their productivity increases!

After the stressful move, consider signing your employees up for group memberships at the nearest wellness center. If it’s financially sound, consider signing their spouses up, too! This can be part of your employee’s relocation package.

Your team’s physical wellbeing is just as important as their mental health and they will appreciate your initiative to keep their spirits up. Over time, these expenses will pay off!

Give Them Time, Space and Compensation

It’s very unlikely that a family would move into a new house without a proper viewing. If you really care about your employee’s wellbeing, allow them to take paid time off to scout for a suitable place to live in.

In fact, consider yourself responsible for providing the allowances for flight and accommodation costs while they search around. They may have shortlisted a few properties to look into and will need a few days to view them and have a feel for the new environment they’ll be living in.

You need to remember that they are moving because of their job, not because they really want to in the first place. As an employer, the least you can do is offer them your support in finding a home they’ll be content with, instead of rushing them.