The Night House Review

The Night House
The Night House

The Night House is finally here. It was a much-hyped horror movie that was set to release in 2021. The movie had its premiere in the January of 2020. Horror movie fans waited for a long time to catch a glimpse of the movie. The movie is based on in-house actions mostly. However, the horror quotient and the timings will get a thumbs up. The actors have also played their part in portraying the horror associated with the story. Rebecca Hall was particularly fantastic with her character portrayal. She maintained a perfect contrast with the grey tone of the movie. Let us look more into the newest horror release of the year. 

The Night House Witnesses Rebecca Hall’s Excellence

The Night House was long overdue for movie lovers. They had to wait for a long time until the movie will be released. With the wait being over now, it is interesting to scrutinize the movie for good. 

The film is directed by David Bruckner. He has tried to maintain the tone of the movie perfectly. He did succeed in his quest as the cinematography is almost flawless. The film centers around Beth, played by Rebecca Hall. Beth is portrayed as a gloomy character. She lost her husband in an unfortunate accident a few days after they moved in. It was later revealed that it was not an accident. Beth started to feel the presence of a demonic entity. Stained footsteps and weird happenings took place regularly. 

The Night House is like your average horror movie but is different in so many ways. Bruckner did not try anything fancy here. He stuck to the basics and polishes them with his marvelous creativity. The scary jump scenes, shadowy figures, etc. were all executed to near perfection. The acting of Rebecca Hall is the takeaway from the movie. Her portrayal of Beth’s emotions and trauma sets her class apart from the rest.