AAL Has Its Price Rating Increased By Raymond James

AAL Green Card
AAL Green Card

The stocks of AAL have upgraded their price rating from underperform to “market perform”, courtesy of analysts working at Raymond James. This was then published in a research report on Friday. 

The Stock Commentary Of AAL

There have been quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of AAL. Jefferies Financial Group has already increased the rating of the company from underperform to hold with a price target that has been increased to $25 in a 30th March research report. The Goldman Sachs Group has also increased the price target to $20, with a rating of neutral in a 16th March research report.

Stifel Nicolaus has increased the price target of the company from $14 to $20, with a rating that has been set at hold in a 24th February research report. Morgan Stanley has also issued a rating of underweight with a price target of $20 on the stocks of the company. 

Seven of the investment analysts involved have given a rating of sell, while nine others have put up a rating of hold. Currently, AAL has a hold rating with a $15.80 price target. 

The stocks of AAL traded on Friday at $20.07. The market cap of the firm is $12.87 billion, with a -1.45 PE ratio, along with a 1.82 beta. The year low of the company is $8.25, with a year high of $26.09. The moving average price of the company over 50 days is $22.95, with a moving average price over 200 days set at $17.18.

AAL put up its quarterly result on the 22nd of April. The company had an EPS of $4.32 for this quarter, which was more than the consensus estimate of $4.30. The revenue generated by the company during this period was $4.01 billion, which was slightly less than the consensus estimate of $4.04 billion.