With FB Stock’s Price Objective At $295.33, It Gets An Average Rating of ‘Buy’


51 brokerages have issued a ‘buy’ consensus recommendation to Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) shares, as reported by Marketbeat. 2 equities analysts gave a rating of ‘sell’, 4 gave ‘hold’, 37 gave ‘buy’, and 1 gave ‘strong buy’. The average price objective has been set at $295.33.

On Friday, Facebook declined by $3.57, reaching $273.55 in the stock market. Their market cap is $779.15B with 14,391,401 trading volume shares as compared to an average 22,758,020 volume. The PEG, P/E, and beta are 1.57, 31.16, and 1.26. The lowest in 52 weeks is $137.10 while the highest is $304.67. Their 50-day rolling average stands at $277.74 with 200-day at $258.47.

According to the 29th October report, the company had $2.71 EPS quarterly earnings, surpassing the $1.94 consensus estimate by $0.77. The net margin was 32% while return equity was 23.27%. Their revenue was $21.47B that surpassed the $19.78B estimate.

FB Stock Transactions

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, sold off 6,250 Facebook shares at $281.10 EPS worth $1,756,875 on 9th December. Susan Taylor, CAO, sold off 1,134 FB shares at $273.90 worth $310,602.60. Insiders possess 14.14% FB stock.

Jefferies Group raised the price objective of Facebook stock to $320 from $310 and gave a rating of ‘buy’. Wedbush increased it to 320 from $300 and gave a rating of ‘outperform’. MKM Partners increased it to $330 from $300 while KeyCorp promoted it to $340 from $330 and gave a rating of ‘overweight’. Citigroup lifted it to $315 from $275 and gave a rating of ‘buy’.

BlackRock Inc has 161,273,433 shares priced at $36,620,359,000. Bank of NY Mellon Corp raised their holdings on the Facebook stock by almost 11.2%, owning $5,490,495,000 worth of shares. Morgan Stanley raised their holdings by approximately 5.5% and now own $5,505,081,000 worth of shares. Jennison Associates lifted their stake by almost 6.4%, owning $4,126,470,000 worth of shares. UBS Management lifted their stake by 15% and own shares priced at $3,216,738,000. Institutional investors own 59.62% FB stock.