Kate Walsh Will Return For Season 18 Of Grey’s Anatomy

kate walsh
kate walsh

On Thursday, in a video posted on her Twitter, Kate Walsh revealed the news. She said that Addison Montgomery, her character, will be returning to Grey Sloan’s Memorial Hospital.

Kate Walsh Is A Long Time Favorite

On Thursday, there was also an official announcement by ABC on the matter. They stated that the role of Doctor Addison Montgomery will be reprised by Kate Walsh on Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 that is going to be airing soon. Kate’s shared the announcement too via a video on the official Twitter account of Grey’s Anatomy.

In the online video, 53-year-old Kate Walsh opened the by drawing their attention to who is returning. She then ascertained that Addison Montgomery will return once more to the featured hospital of the TV series. Kate herself admitted to being excited at the prospect. She said that it felt like being home once more, as she will join Ellen, Shonda, and the others from an incredible cast. She was referring to Ellen Pompeo and Shonda Rhimes, the creators of the series.

The first appearance of Kate Walsh was way back in the first season. She had been introduced as the estranged wife of Derek Shepherd, played by Patrick Dempsey in the final episode of the season. She had been a neonatal surgeon for the hospital for quite a few seasons. She had then been the lead character in Private Practice, a spinoff series, between 2007 and 2013.

In March, in an interview with PEOPLE, Kate Walsh had said that she would absolutely take the chance to return to the series. She had later said that the role had changed her life. Along with Walsh, Kate Burton will also be returning as the mother of Meredith Grey, also known as Doctor Ellis Grey.