Aaron Judge Hits Homer And Pulls Off Highlight-Worthy Catch To Lift Yankees

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge

On June 4th, Aaron Judge hit the ball out of the park for the 19th time this season. However, that was not the highlight of his performance on that night. The highlight was an incredible catch at the wall while running. People were talking about it long after the match between the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers ended 6-3 in favor of the Yankees.

Aaron Judge Keeps Being One Of The Best In The Sport

Aaron Judge showed once more why he is the current MVP of the American League. In Innings no. 6, he plunked a hit straight down the line outside the fence at the short left side of the porch. With the recent victory, the Yankees staged a recovery after suffering an 8-4 defeat on June 3rd. The Friday game was the first game in this series involving high-profile teams from the two leagues.

Shelby Miller, the reliever for the Dodgers, had pitched the ball that was hit for the homer. It covered a comparatively short distance of 360 feet. However, the line drive by Aaron Judge traveled at 113.7 mph by the time the ball reached the lower stands. It was only then that David Peralta could try to play it back.

Later on, in Innings No. 8, Aaron Judge showed his catching prowess as well. Even if the liner by J. D. Martinez may not have been a homer, it could have gotten the Dodgers a vital run back. However, Judge sprinted furiously at the fence and caught the ball moments before colliding with the door of the bullpen. The force of the collision made the door open partly.

Aaron Judge said that he had a feeling he could catch it the moment it was hit, but there was no certainty. He also knew that the wall would be close, and fortunately, the wall collapsed with him, softening the blow.