Aaron Judge Becomes The 16th Captain Of New York Yankees

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge

New York Yankees are going to have a new captain, and there are no special prizes for guessing Aaron Judge’s name in that.

The New York Yankees are going to name Aaron Judge as their new captain as Judge will become the 16th captain of the club on Wednesday. Wednesday, the club has hold a press conference where they are going to announce Judge as a new captain along with the announcement of his 360million dollars contract with the club for the next nine years.

The owner of the club, Steinbrenner has said that it is hard for them to imagine the franchise without thinking of Aaron Judge now. The owner, as per our sources only asked Aaron to take on the leadership of the club in his hand after they agreed to the contract.

To which Aaron Judge said that he was not prepared for such a proposition from the club owner. He said, when one stare at the list of players, who have been awarded this position in the club, it is a huge honor that you can also put your name in that list after that.

Aaron Judge Becomes The 16th Captain Of The Yankees:

As Aaron Judge broke records last season hitting 62 homers with the Yankees becoming the scorer of most homeruns in a single season has earned his deal which happens to be the largest deal in the history of the club as well.

After that performance he naturally had some offers from San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants. However, he came back to the Yankees proving his loyalty to the club that drafted him in their first pick back in 2013.

When it came to free agency, Aaron Judge acknowledged he needed to take other teams into account but he never wished to depart from New York.