Celtics’ Grant Williams Reveals NBA Player He Models His Game After

Grant Williams

For the Boston Celtics, Grant Williams has matured into the ideal supporting cast member. In the 2022 NBA playoffs, he was a major factor for his team on both sides of the court.

Grant Williams contributed to the defense that stifled Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets in the first round and hampered Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks, who had won the previous two NBA MVP awards. He helped the Celtics win Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals with seven three-pointers.

He had a career year in terms of points per game (7.8), rebounds per game (3.6), shooting % (47.5), and three-point percentage (35.0), all of which he achieved during the regular season (41.1). The 23-year-old is realistic about his chances of earning a scoring championship, but he has found other ways to contribute to the Boston Celtics.

Grant Williams Names Few Role Players

When asked for inspiration, Williams cited a few key contributors from championship teams.

Williams told Michael Pina of Sports Illustrated, “As a young child I would have answered Charles Barkley. But now that I’m more smart and aware, I’ve always been big on Boris Diaw, Draymond Green. In other words, they are the dudes I looked up to way back when. This is due to my belief that teams benefit most from having those specific players on board.

Every club covets a 25–30-point scorer, and there will always be generational players. But Robert Horry is the kind of player who makes that possible.

The comparison to Draymond Green has accompanied Williams since since the Celtics took him with the 22nd overall selection in 2019. Williams proclaimed Green his favorite player in high school and college.

Even though Grant Williams still has a ways to go before he can be compared to Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green, Green’s three NBA championships, four All-Star nods, seven All-Defensive selections, and two All-NBA nods should serve as inspiration for Williams as he looks to build on the success of his third season in the NBA.

Both the Celtics and the Warriors are one victory away from clinching a spot in the NBA Finals, setting the stage for a potential matchup between Grant Williams and Green.