Aaron Rodgers Confirms Signing For Packers

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has signed a contract with the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers was offered a handsome contract by the Packers for him to sign. This recent signing indicated that the Packers had played smart. Rodgers was not keen on returning to Green Bay. He also turned down their offer earlier. However, with the new adjustments made in the contract, Rodgers seems to be happy. 

Aaron Rodgers Extends His Stay For The Packers

Aaron Rodgers, was the MVP of the tournament last year. But the initial contract offered to Rodgers was not flexible. This made him turn down the contract from the team. However, in the latest offer, there is room for flexibility. The contract now provides for Rodgers to switch his club if he wanted to. 

This latest offer seemed to have made Green Bay the profitable party. They will be having the service of the star performer. This would help the team in boosting their morals. The team does not have any liabilities towards Rodgers post-2021. They can take their time to invest in Jordan Love. Time can be provided to Love to make him ready for his responsibility. 

However, while many consider Packers the clear winners, many believe otherwise. Fans stated that this deal cannot be called a Packers’ win. It is very much evident that Rodgers wanted to get out from the club. Agreeing to this contract only cemented his leave from the club. After the end of this year, he will be a free agent. We could expect a change of jersey for Rodgers in the next season. 

Aaron Rodgers can be a two-way sword for the Packers. Given his frustration with the club, things have to be dealt with very cautiously. Any unwanted losses can quickly change the chemistry of the team. This can in turn come back and the Packers later. The NFL has tough competition. The difference between winning and losing here is very thin.