Aaron Rodgers Turns Down Handsome Contract By Packers

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers seems to be dissatisfied with the Packers. He was offered an extended contract which he refused to sign. Aaron was offered a handsome amount for the contract, according to sources. The signing could have made Rodgers the top-paid athlete in NFL. 

Aaron Rodgers And Green Bay Packers’ Love Story Over?

In a recent development, the star athlete declined a contract from the Packers. The contract would have extended his stint with the team for five more years. Sources claim the contract offered Rodgers a hefty amount. Signing the contract would have made Rodgers the best-paid player in the league. However, Aaron’s reluctance hinted at a possible parting for the two. 

Aaron Rogers was incorporated with a contract extension in 2018. He signed a four-year deal with the Packers which amounted to $134million. His bonus amount was $57.5 million with a base of $14.7 million worth of salary. Rodgers’ boasted of being ranked 6th in the top 10highest contracts. 

Recent news hints at a possible outing of the star athlete from the club. Rodgers officially has not yet spoken about leaving. However, he has answered in riddles when asked about his future. This has further added pace to the rumors. The Packers are very keen on retaining him and thus offered him an extended signing. 

Aaron Rodgers did not officially state the reason for his denial of the contract. He dodged the media slyly when questioned. He said he wanted to focus on himself. Aaron stressed the importance of mental health. He felt thankful to be able to take out time and invest in his peace of mind. Mystery over the NFL athlete’s future continues to grow denser. Which way Rodgers decides to direct his career to, remains to be seen now. 

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