George W. Bush urges American unity in rousing video amid Trump’s clashes with Democrats

A powerful message of unity by George W. Bush, the former President of America, was received by the Americans recently. The call for unity arrived at a crucial juncture, especially since the current President has been busy clashing with the Democrats.

The former president reminded the American citizens that they are “not partisan combatants.” He further urged them to unite during the global pandemic saying, “we are human beings” who “rise or fall together.”  

George W. Bush Brings the Nation Together

The George W. Bush Presidential Center released the video containing the message this Saturday. The former president’s message was emotional and moving. He even appealed to the people to forget their minuscule differences and come together as a family and support each other in the face of a global crisis.

The message arrived at a time when the political parties seem to be divided beyond repair with President Trump’s ceaseless clashes with the Democrat leaders. 

George W. Bush’s Moving Video

The video message begins with a hint of nostalgia where people are going about their normal lives. 

It is followed by an acknowledgment of the emotional crisis of COVID-19 haunting the Americans, suggesting that something as comforting as a hug can now do more harm than good.

Bush claimed that he understood that the situation is both frustrating and scary. He added that everyone was not just fighting the disease, but also the fear and loneliness which the pandemic brings along.

He reminded people about the times when they all overcame a crisis by coming together, especially during the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Bush also asked people to hold onto their kindness and empathy. He said he wanted them to remember to be especially kind to the ones who have been hit the hardest by the pandemic.