Rand Paul Attacks Dr. Fauci In The Senate Hearing

Rand Paul
Rand Paul

Rand Paul, the senator belonging to the Republican party, took a dig at his long-term adversary, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top expert on infectious disease of the nation. He made the suggestion that the doctor lied to the US Congress concerning the research that took place at the virology institute of Wuhan. The senator gave rise to a shouting match. This shocking incident took place on the 20th of July that fell on a Tuesday.

Rand Paul’s Answer

The shouting incident between one of the most influential politicians of the country and the expert took place at the hearing of the health committee of the US Senate. The main agenda behind the hearing was to update the legislators on the situation of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. Republican senator Rand Paul began his talk with a question that was triggering to Dr. Anthony Fauci. He was asked if he was aware of the fact that it was a crime to hide the truth from the US Congress. 

The 58-year-old Republican hailing from the state of Kentucky asked the doctor about the “gain of function research” that took place at the virology institute of Wuhan. Rand Paul accused the doctor of lying on the subject concerning the funding of the said research at the NIH. It is to be noted that the accusation of the Kentucky senator is devoid of a proper base. The reply given by Dr. Fauci was direct. He directly claimed that he did not lie to Congress.

The suggestion provided by Paul indicated the fact that the concerned doctor together with the NIH had to take the blame for the death of about 4 million people all across the world. Dr. Fauci clearly accused senator Rand Paul of talking about things that he himself was completely unaware of.