Hailey Baldwin Refutes Rumors Of Her Pregnancy!

Hailey Baldwin
Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin manages to refute all rumors of her pregnancy. These rumors appeared on social sites after Justin Bieber, her husband called them dad and mom. Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber have previously talked about having kids. 

Hailey Baldwin Rumored To Be Pregnant Following Bieber’s Post On Instagram!

The pair made it clear that they are moving slow and taking time before arriving at a decision. The couple isn’t expecting a kid yet, despite what their fans are thinking out loud on Instagram. Justin Bieber broke the internet after posing a photo of themselves on Instagram with the caption dad and mom. The photo was in black and white. One fan was left wondering whether the couple is having a baby. Another fan wanted to know the meaning of the caption that Bieber posted alongside his picture with Hailey Baldwin! However, it was one huge misunderstanding. Baldwin managed to clarify the meaning of Justin’s caption quite quickly. 

Baldwin commented on the post of her husband that the appropriate caption should be dog dad and mom. A fan was however quick to reply to the comment left by Baldwin on her husband’s post as too late. Hailey Baldwin, now 26 years old, and Justin Bieber, now 27 years old, love kids but are moving slowly and taking time before arriving at a decision. Previously in an interview with Vogue Arabia in 2018, Baldwin talked about adoring kids.

However, they are not having a kid anytime soon, added Baldwin at that time. Previously Hailey Baldwin has admitted that she has already picked the names of her kids. Justin Bieber has also talked about going on cute daughter-daddy dates. In 2019 July, Justin Bieber wrote to Baldwin saying that he is not in a lot of rush to have babies at this moment!