Abby Finkenauer Cannot Appear On Democratic Primary Ballot, Ruled By Iowa Judge

abby finkenauer
abby finkenauer

A judge in Iowa ruled on Sunday that Democratic Senate candidate Abby Finkenauer cannot appear on the state’s June 7 primary ballot, dealing a significant blow to her already long-shot hopes of unseating Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley.

Abby Finkenauer pledged Monday to “challenge this deeply partisan decision to the Iowa Supreme Court.”

The Judge’s Rule About Abby Finkenauer

On Sunday night, Polk County District Judge Scott Beattie ruled that Finkenauer’s name “shall not be included on the primary ballot for the Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate.”

The ruling centers around a dispute over the signatures required to get on the ballot. Although Finkenaur’s campaign submitted more than the necessary 3,500 signatures, the judge found that she did not meet the requirement that each candidate has at least 100 signatures from at least 19 Iowa counties due to questions about three signatures obtained from Allamakee and Cedar counties.

“The Court takes no joy in this conclusion,” Beattie wrote. “This Court should not be in the position to make a difference in an election, and Ms. Finkenauer and her supporters should have a chance to advance her candidacy. However, this Court’s job is to sit as a referee and apply the law without passion or prejudice. It is required to rule without consideration of the politics of the day.”

Finkenauer initially responded to the decision by saying her campaign was “exploring all of our options to fight back hard.” Later on Monday, Finkenauer announced she would challenge the decision with the Iowa Supreme Court.

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