Jen Psaki On Hunter Biden’s Business

Jen Psaki
Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki, the press secretary of the White House, stayed away from giving away a little information with regard to the business details of Hunter Biden, the beloved son of Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America. There is an investment form that is linked to the government of China. And the President’s son owns a stake in it.

Jen Psaki’s Evasive Statement

The Press secretary belonging to the Democratic Party stated to the reporters that Hunter Biden was trying to wind things down. Jen Psaki further added that it would be much better if the reporters had a direct conversation with the son of President Biden with regard to that matter rather than with her. It is evident from the above-mentioned conversation that there is a lack of transparency in matters like these.

It is to be noted that this behavior from the associates of the Democratic President of the country, like Jen Psaki, is quite contradicting especially after his take transparency. Previously, he had promised the people that none of his family members would have any sort of ties with foreign business. 

As per reports, it has been claimed that Hunter Biden has a total of 10% equity stake in a company called Bohai Harvest RST. It is one of the Shanghai-based companies. The stated information was extracted from the records of Chinese business.

Previously, President Joe Biden had made it completely clear that there would not be any involvement from his side of the family in any sort of business that appears to be contradicting the government or the presidency. When Jen Psaki was asked about it, she directly told the reporters to ask the question to the close associates of the stakeholder who knew about it.      

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