Adam Kinzinger Bows Out Of Congressional Race

Adam Kinzinger
Adam Kinzinger

Adam Kinzinger will not seek reelection. The Republican representative from Illinois sits on the house panel investigating the January 6 insurrection. He has been vocal in his criticism of Donald Trump and is among the 10 Republicans who supported the impeachment of Trump.

In a video message posted on Twitter, Adam Kinzinger announced his decision not to seek reelection in 2022. It came hours after the Illinois legislature approved a map that put Kinzinger and Darin LaHood, Republican Congressman, in the same seat.

In his statement, Adam Kinzinger said that he could not at the same time focus on a nationwide fight and seek a return to Congress. He clarified that it wasn’t the conclusion of a political career, but instead a beginning. Trump could not hide his glee and tweeted ‘two down, eight more to go.’

Adam Kinzinger Did Not Rule Out A Return To Politics

Adam Kinzinger also hasn’t ruled out making a bid for the US Senate or the post of Governor. The Republican joins Anthony Gonzalez, on the list of House Republicans who voted for the second impeachment of Trump and will not be seeking reelection next year.

He is among 11 House Republicans who have either resigned, announced their decision to run for a different office, or retired.

Adam Kinzinger had been a vocal critic of the former President. He is among the two GOP members of the insurrection committee.

Adam Kinzinger had earlier talked about the dearth of civility in present-day politics. He lamented that it is the norm today to dehumanize others either on social media or on the street. He urged people to place the nation first.

He expressed deep disappointment in the leaders of both political parties and criticized the partisan bent of politics on display. He said that all major parties are surviving by appealing to the extreme and motivating elements in their parties. He said that it had become necessary to belong to a tribe to survive in today’s politics.

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