Former Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows Gets Ramped Up Pressure From The Insurrection Committee

jan 6 committee
jan 6 committee

The January 6 committee has expressed its anger at the tardy pace of progress in talks with Mark Meadows, Trump’s ex-chief of staff. Members are mulling more aggressive measures to drag him to the table.

Meadows was subpoenaed over a month back. Ever since he had been procrastinating his appearance and handing over documents while engaging in meaningless discussions.

Even after Meadows was granted a brief postponement of his appearance at the initial deadline for the subpoena, he has been recalcitrant. This has left members frustrated, and they are contemplating ways to escalate the pressure. 

Mark Meadows was one of Trump’s closest advisers and had a exclusive insight into Trump’s available information and plan of action leading to the January 6 riots and their aftermaths.

The insurrection committee is pushing Meadows to reveal more about his involvement in the insurrection and his role in the attempts to upend the presidential election results.

Mark Meadows Was Actively Involved In Subverting The Election Results

The committee noted that Meadows had constant communication with top officials with the Dept. of Justice seeking information regarding fraud in multiple states during the elections.

The committee is mulling setting a fresh deadline for Mark Meadows to act in accordance with the terms of the subpoena. He could then risk criminal contempt. This is the course of action the committee adopted against Stephen Bannon. Bannon has defied the committee and had let it be known that he wasn’t interested in complying with the directives of the committee.

Rep. Bennie Thompson, a member of the select committee, has said that the insurrection panel is yet to reach the stage when it has to drag Mark Meadows to court. He added that when it becomes apparent that he isn’t interested in cooperating, they will have no other option.

George Terwilliger, Mark Meadows’ attorney, and Ben Williamson, his ex-chief of staff, have both refused to comment on the issue.

But with Mark Meadows continuing to display the recalcitrance displayed by Steve Bannon, they will have no other options.

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