Lizzo’s Halloween Outfit Is Grogu From “The Mandalorian”


Lizzo’s Halloween weekend was a bit more green than usual. The singer of “Truth Hurts” gave her followers a glimpse of her latest shenanigans on Halloween via her Instagram account. This included dressing up as Grogu, the character from Star Wars while going out for the night in the town.

A Unique Appearance From Lizzo

Grogu is one of the main characters in The Mandalorian, the series on Disney+. Fans also affectionately call him “baby Yoda” since the youngling and the original Yoda looks similar and is fellow species members.

Lizzo was very difficult to recognize in her Grogu outfit. She had strolled across Hollywood Boulevard, where Highland Avenue intersected so that she could take pictures with fans. However, the fans had little idea that it was Lizzo, the winner of a Grammy, beneath that getup. Lizzo did not look out of place at all as the Hollywood area usually has numerous people wearing costumes. They usually hope for pictures with the tourists.

On one of her posts for Halloween, the singer gave the caption that Grogu has taken Hollywood. She also said that if you did see Grogu last night then that wasn’t Grogu. In a different picture, Grogu-Lizzo took a sip of a cocktail wearing sunglasses. In the caption for the picture, she wrote that the publicity team of Grogu has given an official statement about last night’s paparazzi photos: that Grogu/Baby Yoda/The Child does not remember the events at all. Rather, that the events never happened.

Fans, however, was extremely impressed by the Halloween stuns and the witty costume. One of them commented about how surprising it would be to take a picture with the singer without knowing her identity. Another talked about how the singer’s prank was Halloween’s best event in the city.