Al Gore rips Trump’s response to coronavirus: ‘I think we’re seeing the start of a botched reopening’

Former Vice President Al Gore on Thursday offered a stern estimate of the Trump government’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, expressing distinctly: “I think we’re seeing the start of a botched reopening.”

His comments come as analysts expect a higher loss of life from coronavirus this summer than recently predicted while more states plan staged reopenings of organizations and other group places.
President Donald Trump lately has underlined the need to quickly open the American economy regardless of general health authorities’ urgings for a progressively careful methodology.
“And now I think we’re in grave danger,” Gore told CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta during CNN’s coronavirus global town hall.
“I have to tell you both, I think that we are seeing the start of a botched reopening. I think that the President appears to be engaging in magical thinking again. And what I mean by that is, you know, a couple of months ago he said one day it’s just going to magically disappear.
It seems as if he may be recklessly rolling the dice hoping that he can goose the economy just enough in the third quarter of this year to enhance his reelection prospects.”
The President, Gore claimed, is “hoping that he can divert the blame for the extra tens of thousands of Americans who the doctors tell us will die as a result of this.”
An official at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated to CNN that the Trump government won’t execute the CDC’s 17-page draft suggestion for opening America. Also, Trump himself freely flagged a week ago that he was probably not going to approve rules that prescribed an arrival to a changed lifestyle.
“I see the new normal being what it was three months ago. I think we want to go back to where it was,” Trump stated at a meeting with some of the restaurant and hospitality industry representatives.
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