Pete Davidson Shares Hilarious Story of Quarantining in His Mom’s Basement

pete davidson
pete davidson

Pete Davidson might be stuck at home in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. However, he’s not letting it hold him down.

The 26-year-old Saturday Night Live star, alongside director Judd Apatow, joined Jimmy Fallon via video talk on Thursday’s Tonight Show: Home Edition and Davidson spoke about his encounters with self-quarantine with his mother and his sister at their home in Staten Island.

“Well, I am quarantining in my mom’s basement so, [I’m] crushing it!” Davidson joked.

He is really looking healthy and fit, and part of that may have to do with his clear and calm living while stuck at home during the pandemic.

He’s been open and open about his endeavors to not take drugs, yet it turns out certain fans may have missed what’s really important he was attempting to make.

“Me and Judd released this video to sort of try and get it out there that the movie’s coming out,” Davidson stated, addressing his next collaboration with Apatow, The King of Staten Island. “So, I mentioned that I wasn’t doing drugs, that I was trying not to.”

“And then, literally three hours later, a lady rang my doorbell with a full bag of weed and gave it to my mother and said, ‘I heard your son wants this,'” Davidson added. “So if you see this, please do not do that. Because I will sell it.”

“Yeah, he’s a drug dealer now,” Apatow said.

The pair have been preparing for the discharge of The King of Staten Island for months, yet due to the coronavirus pandemic plans for a showy discharge were rejected for a Video on Demand release.

Aside from being stuck at home during isolation –  which Davidson sang about during the new Saturday Night Live: At Home special – the pair dished on how they came to know each other before Davidson ever got his gig on SNL as well.

“Well, when we were doing Trainwreck, I asked Amy Schumer, ‘Who’s funny, who should I know?’ And she stated, ‘The funniest person is this 20-year-old kid, Pete Davidson,'” Apatow said.

“So, we put him in Trainwreck… he had this one brief scene with Bill Hader.”

That end up proved to be a chance encounter that would make a huge difference for the young comic.

“It was really crazy. I was on set for like maybe 12 minutes and I met Bill Hader and then, about like a day later, Bill Hader called me and he goes, ‘I recommended you to Lorne Michaels,'” Davidson said, addressing SNL‘s executive producer and creator.

“And I was like, ‘Why?!’ I barely had any interaction with him.”

“But then, I got the show! So I blame that, and everything else that has happened to me since then, on Bill Hader,” Davidson continued.

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