Aladdin Postponed Due To Covid-19


Aladdin has seen a sudden bump in its otherwise smooth run. The recently floored play of Aladdin has gathered huge praises. It has been regarded as one of the best plays on Broadway in recent times. However, the play has come to a screeching halt. The authorities have been forced to postpone the play due to rising cases of covid. America has recently witnessed an alarming surge in covid cases. The latest strain of Delta has threatened to wreak havoc. Safety precautions have been taken up and the mask mandate has also been are-imposed Under such circumstances, the Broadway authorities did not take a risk. They stated that ” Aladdin” will be continued once things are under control.  

Aladdin Fails To Magically Wipe Out Covid Threat 

The story of Aladdin involves a lot of magic and mystic arts. However,  it seems that the genie was unable to bail the play out of covid. According to Disney, the show has been postponed with immediate effect till 12th October 2021. The play suffered a dry run for eighteen months. It only resumed on Tuesday. 

Dr. Blythe Adamson is the epidemiologist of Disney. She stated that the postponement will be an opportunity for the affected to recover well. This period will also give the scope of identifying new cases and isolating them quickly. However, she was very much expectant of the fact that things would soon get under control. 

Amidst the covid scare, there has been one single ray of hope. The new cases have mostly been detected with vaccinated individuals. These infections have proved to be very much normal and less deadly than the original ones. Adamson stressed the increased rate of PCR tests. She also said Aladdin will be making a comeback very soon. 

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