Joe Biden Steps In Infrastructure Fiasco


Joe Biden has been forced to step in the issue of an Infrastructure bill. The bill has been delayed for quite a while now. Earlier this week, Nancy Pelosi stated firmly that she would be getting a nod on the bill. However, as things went out, that was not to be. The bill faced vigorous opposition from the Republicans. The majority vote ruled out the possibility of the bill of infrastructure being passed. The Republicans seemed quite adamant not to let the Democrats pass the bill. The last session at the Senate was quite lengthy and tiring. The Democrats were handed a humiliating defeat by the Republicans. That is when the President, Joe Biden stepped in. Let us find out the happenings in detail below.

Joe Biden Keen On The Spending Package

Nancy Pelosi failed to drive the Bipartisan to a vote. As a result, the negotiations for the $3.5 tn bill continued till Saturday. The Representative house gave the nod to a short extension to aid the bill. The issue regarding the extension was expected to be handled by the Senate this Saturday. 

A constant rift between the progressives and the conservatives is the root cause of the fiasco. Progressives have promised to oppose the plan as long as the government does not guarantee funds for social safety. They have also demanded funds to tackle changes in the climate. 

Conservatives on the other hand have expressed the need to reserve the amount of the package. This has been stated by Joe Manchin & Kyrsten Sinema. Joe Biden made a strong statement on the matter. He stated that he will eventually get the job done. Speaking with the media, he stated that he needed to pass the bill at any cost. It did not matter whether that would take minutes or hours or months. This development has certainly heated the progression and made the issue much more intense.