Albert Pujols And Dodgers Agree To A New Contract

Albert Pujols
Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols, the baseball player, is currently staying in his residence in the city of Los Angeles. The Dodgers and Pujols have decided to go ahead with a major new deal for the remaining season. This is according to the report of Jorge Castillo, L.A. Times. 

Albert Pujols Will Most Likely End Up On The Bench Of The Dodgers

The signing of Albert Pujols arrives just in more than a week following his move from Angels to the Dodgers. Pujols was then on the list of some major clubs such as the Cardinals. He had some great success with the Cardinals. Now the 1st baseman decided to join the Dodgers as he looks to win his 2nd consecutive World Championship.

The Dodgers who have played Max Muney for most of the games in 2021 at 1st base will most probably be looking for the same. So presumably, Albert Pujols will remain on the bench for at least the first few games. The form of Pujols has dropped a lot, so much that he cannot be compared to the superstar player he was when he was younger. 

However, the Dodgers hope that Pujols can play a part-time role being a credible player for the team. Albert Pujols has had much success in the past. He has been MVP three times and the All-Star for 10 times! His decline began in 2017. After that the baseball player of 41 years never produced much.

He has batted .405/.289/.240 (84 WRC+) in a total of 76 home runs. His palate appearances stand at 1,934 over the past 4-plus seasons. The Angels parted ways with him after he started his ugly start of .372/.250/.198 with 5 home runs. His palate appearances stood at 92 this year. However, there were also positive signs during the last span of Albert Pujols in Angels.

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