Attorney dressed as the Grim Reaper protests on Florida beaches

Daniel Uhlfelder has reportedly been dressing up as the Grim Reaper to scare the beachgoers. The attorney had previously sued Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor, to restrict people’s access to the beaches.

On Friday, Daniel went one step further and dressed up in black robes with a hood, held a scythe, and stood behind the Florida beachgoers ominously. 

In a tweet, he explained that he dressed up as the Grim Reaper as a reminder to the Floridians to stay at home and protect themselves.

In a viral interview with the local affiliate of ABC, Daniel Uhlfelder referred to the governor’s decision to reopen the beaches as “premature.”

He said that by allowing the masses to access the beach the Governor has only increased the chances of transmission all across Florida. He said the decision will only prolong the recovery process. He added that the move was inappropriate.

The Grim Reaper costume-clad Daniel Uhlfelder said that he plans on visiting other beaches across Florida as well.

Uhlfelder had previously filed a complaint against DeSantis in March. He wanted DeSantis to forcefully close down all the Florida beaches. The lawsuit was, however, dismissed by the circuit judge.

DeSantis had faced severe backlash after he initially refused to order a statewide lockdown of the beaches in March. The decisions regarding the lockdown were left to the local authorities. 

Even though around the 1st of April he had issued a stay-at-home order. He soon revealed, on April 17th, that the beachfront cities would be allowed to reopen soon as per the discretion of the local authorities.

Phase one of DeSantis’s plan to reopen the economy is currently underway. Monday onwards restaurants and retail stores will also open at 25% capacity.


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