Duke Blue Devils Had No Answer to the Miami Hurricanes’ Offense


The football season for the Duke Blue Devils has finally hit rock bottom, after several convincing losses rendered even the biggest of fans depressed. On Saturday night, they suffered one of their biggest defeats in history, as the Miami Hurricanes simply overpowered them in their own stadium 48-0. It needs to be said that the Dukes were outperformed in every single position. They neither could contain the offense of the other team nor could they deal with the offense of their own. Rather, they went on to add five turnovers to their overall total- which is 35 for this season.

The coach of the Duke Blue Devils, David Cutcliffe didn’t mince words in the post-match. He mentioned how the team had to work on quite a few things. They had to be good up front, and also at the back. There was not just one area that they had to focus on, rather they had to start from the scrimmage line, and then work their way through both sides. 

Where Did the Duke Blue Devils Lose the Plot?

The defense from the home team had started well enough, as they got in two early stops. But then they ran around three plays, which led them to lose four yards. And things went haywire from thereon. The first couple of wobbles from Miami seemed to have no effect on the pre-intermission result, as they went on to put three consecutive drives. Something that led them to a 21-0. 

The game made it very obvious that no way were the Dukes capable of protecting their quarterback Chase Brice. So, all they had in their arsenal was short passes- something the Miami Hurricanes soon started intercepting and tackling. 

Let this sink in the point, the longest passing play made by the Duke Blue Devils was 13 yards. The longest run they had was 16 yards. And the longest drive was 40 yards that they could put through in the second half. Currently, their abysmal record stands 2-8, with a few more rounds to go.