Alex Padilla To Replace Kamala Harris In The Senate

Alex Padilla
Alex Padilla

Gavin Newsom, Governor-appointed Alex Padilla, California State’s Secretary for replacing Kamala Harris’s seat in the Senate on Tuesday, thereby choosing the 1st Latino for taking the post in the history of the state. Due to California being a less diverse state, Newsom was under pressure for choosing a Black female for replacing Kamala.

While tweeting about the appointment being historic, Newsom said that Alex Padilla is more concerned about changing history particularly for working women and men of their country and state. Newsom tweeted on Tuesday that he wouldn’t be able to find anybody else better for representing California as its next US Senator. Alex Padilla would have to serve the remaining term of Harris and prepare for the statewide race which will be highly competitive for filling Harris’s seat in the year 2022. Padilla almost broke into tears while accepting the position.

Details On Alex Padilla

He was the child of a house cleaner and cook, both of them immigrants from Mexico. Padilla said that he is honored and humbled because of his parents. Padilla,47 started working his way from MIT where he completed his B.Sc. in mechanical engineering. Alex Padilla entered politics being the aide to Dianne Feinstein, Democratic Senator Of California. He got elected to the City Council of Los Angeles when he was 26 years old. He went on to become the youngest president in the council’s history. He represented the San Valley in 2006 in the Senate of the state.

Newsom stated that through his integrity, smarts, grit, and tenacity, California will gain a fighter for them and who will lift the values of their state while making sure that they secure all the critical resources needed for emerging stronger through this pandemic. Alex told CNN, he is ready for serving the Senate after he dealt with the budget of L.A. after 9/11, chaired a committee on telecommunications and energy, and secured the ballot box’s integrity amidst a pandemic.