Ashley Olsen Makes First Red Carpet Appearance In Two Years

ashley olsen
ashley olsen

It seems Ashley Olsen has prepared herself for closeups once more. On the evening of Thursday, Olsen, who is now 35, made her first red carpet appearance in as many as two years. The former actress and fashion designer had lasted made such an appearance in June 2019. Back then, she was attending the CFDA Awards with Mary-Kate, her twin sister.

A Re-Debut For Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen, the alum of Full House, was attending the celebrations for the 20th Anniversary of YES at California’s Maybourne Beverly Hills. The event was paying tribute to Scholars under Young Eisner. It is an organization that is non-profit and seeks to find out promising students who come from communities that are unreserved. The organization equips such students with the academic skills, resources, and support needed to succeed in having a bright career.

Eric Eisner, YES’ founder and the former president of the David Geffen Company, is also Louis Eisner’s father, who is Ashley Olsen’s boyfriend. Eric was attending the event while accompanying Lisa, his wife. Ashley Olsen and Louis were attending together.

For the red carpet appearance, Ashley Olsen wore a fully black and dark ensemble. It included a coat colored black as well. Louis’ dress was simpler, involving a white shirt and black jacket.

Earlier in the year, 35-year-old Mary-Kate had talked about why the siblings stayed out of the limelight recently. She said that keeping a personal life that is private is integral to the childhood values inside her and Ashley Olsen. Ashley had added that this has not become their aesthetic and preference.

However, she continued, that they still appreciate things that are maximal or truly ornate. The twins had recently been on the red carpet at the Emmys 2021, albeit not physically attending the event.