Joe Biden Goes On Offensive To Stave Off Republicans Inching Towards Midterm Triumph: President Could Lose Minority

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Build Back Better

With barely 2 weeks to the elections, chances of the Democratic Party retaining their narrow House majority are fading. Joe Biden’s hopes of resisting history and retaining the narrow majority in both the Senate and the House are fast fading.

Most Democratic campaigners, even seasoned ones, appear to be cautious and defensive as the midterm campaign draws to an end.

Many election experts have opined through the summer that the Democrats seem headed for the massive losses generally associated with the President’s party during the midterms.

Voters’ indignation over the end of abortion rights and the falling prices of gasoline had put some wind in the sails of the Democrats, and they appeared hopeful of coming out victors despite the predictions.

Joe Biden Warns Of Reverses On Key Issue If Democrats Lose Congress

The Democratic Party held a lead on the common congressional ballot for over two months before it was reversed in the third week of October. The political winds now appear to favor the Republicans as gas prices have again started to spike and inflation continues to stick to record figures, voters have named the economic situation as their prime concern.

44% of voters have maintained that the economic situation was the most significant issue for them right now compared to the 36% who held that opinion in July. Only 5% of the voters said the abortion issue was more important.

The Democratic Party could see its chances dented due to the renewed emphasis on gas prices and inflation. The polls have questioned that Joe Biden relied too much on the abortion issue to see them through in the midterms.

But Joe Biden warned that measures including lower drug prices and the expansion of the Affordable Care Act could be in danger if the democrats lose out this midterm.

Joe Biden also attacked oil executives for lining their pockets while ordinary Americans suffer from record gasoline prices.

Some progressive democrats have urged colleagues to put the economic situation at the top of their priority and concentrate on issues like minimum wages and the creation of a family leave package backed by federal funds.

Bernie Sanders the independent progressive Senator said that even though the abortion issue should be given importance, the priority is now to concentrate on the economic situation and fight back against the campaign of disinformation carried out by the Republicans.