Alexander Volkanovski Thinks Giga Chikadze Would Fare Worse Against Him

alexander volkanovski
alexander volkanovski

Last week, Giga Chikadze aimed his guns at Alexander Volkanovski, the UFC featherweight champion. The context was him agreeing to defend the title against Chan Sung Jung, a late replacement. Chikadze had said Volkanovski had taken the easy way out. Chikadze even went on to call Volkanovski the easiest to fight inside the highest 10.

Chikadze had also implied that UFC could have waited till he fought Kattar. He thought that he would beat Kattar and then could have challenged Volkanovski. But, of course, that did not turn out as he had hoped.

Alexander Volkanovski Tears Into Chikadze’s Loss

Chikadze went on to suffer a devastating loss against Kattar during UFC Vegas 46. Of course, Alexander Volkanovski has taken the opportunity to say that Chikadze had been forced to take back his words. On Monday, Alexander Volkanovski explained that trash talking is always going to be a component of the game. However, there are also types of trash talking.

Alexander Volkanovski said that what Chikadze did was pure disrespect. He said Chikadze disrespected both himself as well as Calvin Kattar. Chikadze cannot assume that one of the top contenders is going to be a pushover for him. In fact, he should have been prepared for getting injured more than getting a win.

Alexander Volkanovski further noted that the abrasive approach of Chikadze was especially off-putting. This was so because Alexander had earlier spoken to ex-kickboxer, and had found Chikadze to be quite a decent person. He remembers a conversation where Chikadze had told him he was looking forward to a fight with Alexander. Alexander had encouraged him by telling him to keep on doing what he was doing and it would happen.

However, Chikadze’s brutal loss at the hands of Kattar has done little to soften his tone. His latest targets are Jung as well as Kattar. 

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