Wild Card Weekend Headliners: Josh Allen And Deebo Samuel

josh allen
josh allen

The NFL Playoffs 2022 Wild Card weekend showcased several opening statements that were truly inspiring. Some of them were postseason regulars while others were rising stars. Here are some of the most outstanding players that stood out.

Wild Card Weekend’s Superstars

First up is Josh Allen. He recently pitched a game that was perfect while facing chilly winds well below 0. What’s more, he did it against the Patriots of Bill Belichick. However, for someone like Allen, his Wild Card Weekend super-showing was nothing less than expected. He led Buffalo from the frontlines to a commanding 47-17 victory over New England.

The Chiefs however had a slower start to the season. Nevertheless, it seems they have finally found their feet, especially Patrick Mahomes. The recent wild card weekend outing was finally the scrimmage we long expected from the team. Mahomes led Kansas City to another dominating 42-21 victory. Even though Mahomes has seemed fallible so far, Sunday’s performance was a clear indicator that it doesn’t take much to regain his mythical stature.

Deebo Samuel is proving his versatility as well as dominance under the machinations of Kyle Shanahan. During the Wild Card Weekend, Samuel was facing the Dallas Cowboys, who were quite comfortably, the favorites. However, he was integral to making the upset happen, leading his team to a 23-17 victory.

Joe Burrow had a lot of hype behind him when he entered the postseason. And his first-ever playoff game during the Wild Card Weekend went exactly as advertised. He was the leader as the Bengals scored their first win in the postseason in over 3 decades. Additionally, fans expect more to come from this group of upstart Bengals. It will hardly be a surprise when Joe Burrow’s Bengals regularly wins playoffs games.