Alyson Stoner Opens Up On ‘Harrowing’ Childhood Stardom

Alyson Stoner
Alyson Stoner

Alyson Stoner has recently written a personal op-ed that is titled ‘The Toddler to Trainwreck Industrial Complex’. In this write-up, Alyson Stoner opens up regarding the impacts of child labor and the ways in which the notorious effects shape the child through their life.

In the op-ed, Alyson Stoner writes that the people who are constantly questioning the whereabouts of a past famous child artist should know that she is very present in the industry and so are many others. She further adds that although people will be reading about her personal experiences for the first time, they ask where they are now all the time.

Alyson Stoner Revisits Her Childhood And Rewrites The Script

Stoner is now 27 years of age and got her big debut as the young dancer that stole the show in the music videos of Missy Elliott namely ‘Gossip Folks’ and ‘Work It’. Later on, she also starred in the very popular ‘Camp Rock’ and ‘Step Up’ film franchises.

Her latest venture is writing an op-ed in the form of a biopic script where she delved into the early experiences as a young star. She says that the script of her life is smartly created and locked in place after censoring the adverse events that occur behind the scenes. She has also smoothly manicured the repercussions of her ambitious lifestyle and then watched her young life implode tragically.

In addition, she reveals that at the age of six she had to give an audition where she had to act being kidnapped and raped. By the time she was 12, she had become accustomed to the industry and worked as a machine on several projects simultaneously.

Stoner talks about the harmful side-effects of being a star at an early age and losing her childhood and youth.

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