Jojo Siwa Reveals Being Pansexual 2 Months After Coming Out

JoJo Siwa
JoJo Siwa

About two months Jojo Siwa had made the revelation of her sexuality on a public platform. In the month of January 2021, Jojo Siwa first came out as a homosexual and stated that she was not prepared to be labeled as a particular kind of LGBTQ person. She had said that every human is special and incredible in their own way.

In a recent interview, Jojo Siwa spoke more openly about her sexuality. She even made a joke that she is ‘Ky-sexual’ due to the reason that her girlfriend’s name is Kylie.

Jojo Siwa Opens Up About Her Sexuality

Despite joking about being ‘Ky-sexual’, Jojo Siwa clearly mentioned that she is happy with the labels of queer and gay.

She further added that she prefers using the ‘gay’ because she feels that the keyword encapsulates all the LGBTQ people and she also finds it a cool word. Other than that, she thinks that there are other words that probably explain her sexuality better.

She goes on to explain that technically she is a pansexual because of the simple being that ‘pan’ comprises of all the queer personalities. She says that she has always felt pansexual and her human is exclusively her human.

During the interview, Jojo also revealed that she met Kylie on a cruise ship where Kylie asked about her life. However, when Jojo started telling her about her career and life in general, Kylie stops her saying she wants to know about her private life and her as a person. This deeply touches Jojo and the two connected from there onwards. Jojo also spoke about her love for cars and her career.

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